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Q: Does justin bieber like girls that have dandruff?
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Does Justin bieber like latin girls?

Justin Bieber likes all girls

What percentage of girls like Justin Bieber?

85% of girls like justin bieber

Does Justin Bieber like French girls?

Yes Justin Bieber likes French girls.

How tall does Justin Bieber like girls?

he doesn't like girls.... :) yes this question was answered by a Justin bieber hater

Does Justin bieber like girls who have short hair?

yh justin bieber likes all girls

Does Justin bieber like girls that have a pudge?

No, Justin bieber likes men.

Does Justin beaver like fat girls?

No Justin Bieber does not like fat girls.

What type of hair style does Justin bieber like for girls?

type of hair justin bieber likes for girls?

Does Justin Bieber like girls that act like boys?

Singer Justin Bieber might like girls who act like boys. Justin Bieber has dated several celebrities and as of June 2014 is not in a relationship.

Does Justin Bieber like girls who likes to write songs and plays the guitar?

i think Justin bieber does like girls like that because that's what he does

Does justin bieber like chuby girls to?

Justin Bieber does like chubby girls. When it comes to a relationship he says what is on the inside matters the most.

Does Justin Bieber really likes girls?

Justin Bieber does like girls is just that Usher pressured him to say his gay,because justin Bieber had all the girls and that made Usher jealous.