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He Didnt Have A Job. He Was Only Young Before His Singing Carea. Although He Always Was Preforming To The Public And Got Quite A lot Of Money At Times From Doing That As He Sang And Played His Gutiar In Front Of The Theater Or Played His Drums At A Very Young Age With A Band Or When He Sang In A Comp And Didnt Come First, Sadly . Although He Wanted To Be A Chief Or Even Just Work At Macdonalds But Shortly After Scooter Finding His Amazing Talent, He Got The Job As A Singer.

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No, Justin Bieber does not have a job besides being a singer, as of 2014. He has been a singer since he was a young teenager.

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Technically he wasn't working before he was a pop sensation he wanted to be an Architect

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Justin Bieber sings,dances,hangs out with his producer,Usher and various other people,plays Trumpet,piano and guitar(i think). Those are just what i know or other people have told me.

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Q: Does justin bieber have a job beside a singer?
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Yes, he is a singer.

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Being a singer.

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Justin Bieber is a singer and that his job. And I can tell you he is so hot,cute and sexy though.

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Justin Bieber's job is really singing

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2007 he met Justin timber lake and usher and he got his job in 2008

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Hopefully in the job centre.

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no, why would he be quitting? he loves his job!

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