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No, they have been separated for a while.

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Q: Does joe and Katherine Jackson still live together?
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Are Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson divorced or just live separately?

They are legally married but live separately; Katherine in Encino, Joe in Las Vegas.

When did Michael Jackson's parents get divorced?

Katherine and Joe are still married, they just live separately.

Do Michael Jackson's parents live together?

Joseph Jackson currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Katherine Jackson lives at the Jackson family estate in Encino, California. While they do not live together, they do visit each other regularly.

Where do Michael Jackson's children live?

With their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

What other relatives live with Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren?

No other relatives live with Katherine and her three grandchildren.

Where do Katherine and Joseph Jackson live?

Katherine lives in California, Joe lives in Las Vegas.

Will joe Jackson be in the household as Michael Jackson's children?

Probably not, he doesn't live with Katherine.

Where does Mrs Katherine Jackson live now?

Katherine lives in Calabasas in California.

Why don't Michael Jackson's parents live together?

They have been separated for quite some time, the reason for not divorcing might have something to do with Katherine's faith.

Why do Jermaine Jackson's kids live with Katherine?

Because their mother was living there.

What are the release dates for Larry King Live - 1985 Katherine Jackson Gets Custody?

Larry King Live - 1985 Katherine Jackson Gets Custody was released on: USA: 3 August 2009

Are Michael Jackson's children living with Debbie Rowe?

No, they live with their grandmother Katherine.