Does jeffree star like girls at all?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Yes, Jeffree Star likes girls as friends and such things. But when it comes to sexual orientation, he is a homosexual.

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No. hes a male.

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jeffreestar is the boy but wonts to be a girl

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Q: Does jeffree star like girls at all?
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Who is jeffree star?

Jeffree Star is a model, make-up artist, recording artist, and all of these successful careers of his were propelled by his rise in internet fame.He is an internet celebrity, and opened up a whole new way for people of differing sexualities to express themselves (and get paid for it.)This is a silly question. Everyone knows who Jeffree Star is. :)jeffree star is amazing =D

What body parts do jeffree star have?

Jeffree Star is a MAN. Believe it or not it's true. I happened to of slept with Jeffree. He is bisexual.. To continue with the question, he has all the parts a man does, including a PENIS. Not vagina. And his favorite position is back words cowgirl.

What is jeffree star's MySpace?

When you click on the people tag, just type in Jeffree Star. It will take you to the page where all of the options come up. I think he is the only one there. P.S. Make sure it says official.

Is jeffree star in bewitched by BOTDF?

I think he's in the background of the Bewitched video when everything is all colorful, but he's not in the song.

What kind of girls does Pee Wee from Kumbia all-star like?

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How do you look like jeffree star?

If you want to be like jeffree star you have to make the scene style.Dye your hair pink or make them look crazy.If your hair is not long enough put on some extensions.Makeup yourself in a scene,girly,hardceore way by using lots of colorful eyeshadows,eyeliner,and ofcourse Jeffree's favourite FAKE EYELASHES!Paint your nails pink and dress up mainly in pink.You can wear short skirts and t-shirts that flatter your body.Tight jeans and high-heels,jackets with logos and fancy dresses are a must.Most of all don't forget-->Everything has to be colorful!Jeffree star has full lips,fabulous skin and a beautiful face.If you don't have some of these get yourself a plastic surgery.Jeffree Star is not cool only from the outside but inside too.Be cool and funny,flirty and sexy,kinky and sweet but also BE YOURSELF!

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Where can you find the sunglasses jeffree star wears?

I dont know exactly all the sunglasses he wears but he does seem to have worn the Dior Overshine model 1 they are pink and large with Dior on the side of the glasses