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to tell tell the truth in a hidden episode or manga it says that ino told chouji to go diet and if he doesn't he'll be tied on a stump like naruto with no breakfast, lunch, or dinner and shikamaru snuck chouji at the ramen shop and shikamaru said if ino finds out she might break up with me - naruto

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Ino loves Shikamaru as a brother. However; with Sai, she just has a silly crush on him since he resembles Sasuke so much.

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Q: Does ino love sai or shikamaru?
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Do ino and shikamaru ever kiss?

Yes, Ino does like Shikamaru. In Shippuden Ino's dad asked her who she wants to go out with (Choji or Shikamaru), and she picked Shikamaru. Shikamaru later said "You're the one for me, Ino. I love you".

If Shikamaru ends up with Temari who will be with Ino?

Shikamaru wont end up with Temari but if ever Ino will be with Sai BUT AGAIN Shikamaru wont end up with Temari 'cause Shikamaru would end up with Ino

What episode does Shikamaru kiss Ino in Naruto shippuden?

episode 333 or 332 one of them

Who gets together with Ino?

it could possibly be ether sai or shikamaru...

Does Shikamaru love Ino?

Yes. Because i saw him kiss ino many times in my manga books. REALLY? oh wow never saw those kinds of manga!

Ino kiba or ino Shikamaru?

Ino Shikamaru.

Does Ino have a couple?

first thing YES! second thing:i am not sure who.could be shikamaru,chouji,sai or sasuke

Who likes Ino?

shikamaru and sai but she needs to give sasuke to sakura

Will shikamaru going to marry ino?

No. Shikamaru and Ino have a sibling-type of bond. If Shikamaru were to marry anyone, it would probably be Temari.

Are ino love sai and merry it?

yes off course

Who is in Team Shikamaru?

Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji Asuma

Will ino ever fall in love?

She already loves Sasuke and Sai