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Nikki Caldwell is/was Holly Warlick's domestic partner.

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Q: Does holly warlick have a girlfriend?
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Who is holly warlick?

Holly Warlick is the current coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols. She was hand picked by Pat Summit, the long-time Lady Vols coach who retired in 2011 after being diagnosed with early stage dementia

When did Wilson Warlick die?

Wilson Warlick was born in 1892.

How tall is Frank Warlick?

Frank Warlick is 6'.

When did Bob Warlick die?

Bob Warlick died in 2005.

When was Bob Warlick born?

Bob Warlick was born in 1941.

What is Ernie Warlick's birthday?

Ernie Warlick was born on July 21, 1932.

When was Hermene Warlick Eichhorn born?

Hermene Warlick Eichhorn was born in 1906.

When did Hermene Warlick Eichhorn die?

Hermene Warlick Eichhorn died in 2001.

When was Warlick Carr born?

Warlick Carr was born on 1921-01-04.

When did Warlick Carr die?

Warlick Carr died on 2008-07-09.

When was Mary Burce Warlick born?

Mary Burce Warlick was born in 1956.

When was Frank Warlick born?

Frank Warlick was born on November 18, 1941, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.