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Most likely, as she was in many battles, including the final battle.

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Q: Does hermoine granger have a scar?
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Who plays hermoine granger in haary potter?

the very attractive Emma Watson plays Hermoine Granger.

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Hermoine Granger's child is called Rosie

Is hermoine granger strange?

of course not, she is just amazingly smart!

Who acted hermoine granger in Harry Potter movie?

Emma Watson

Is hermoine granger ugly?

No, but she is not a beauty either (unlike Emma Watson.)

What happens to hermoine granger?

She marries Ron and has 2 kids. Rose and Hugo.

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It made her teeth grow rapidly and very long

Who petrified hermoine granger?

In the movie 'Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets' everybody was petrified by the basilisk. (: