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As of July 2014, Gaspard Ulliel, the French actor, does not have any children. Gaspard has been acting professionally since 1997.

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Q: Does gaspard ulliel have kids
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Why is gaspard ulliel so hot?

Because he woudn't be Gaspard Ulliel if he wasn't.

When was Gaspard Ulliel born?

Gaspard Ulliel was born on November 25, 1984.

What is Gaspard Ulliel's birthday?

Gaspard Ulliel was born on November 25, 1984.

How does one Pronounce Gaspard ulliel name?

Gaspard Ulliel: gas-pard oo-lay-ell

Is gaspard ulliel having sister?

Yes! Gaspard Ulliel's sister is called Elizabeth Camille Ulliel, nicknamed 'Lisa'. She was born on April 27th 1996 in Paris.

How old is Gaspard Ulliel?

French actor Gaspard Ulliel is 33 years old (birthdate: November 25, 1984).

Is gaspard ulliel hot?


Is gaspard ulliel straight?

Gaspard Ulliel has never confirmed whether or not he is gay or straight. He is known for playing Hannibal in "Hannibal Rising".

What is Gaspard Ulliel's middle name?


Does Gaspard Ulliel smoke?

Yes, he smokes.

How much does gaspard ulliel weight?


Does Gaspard Ulliel have blue eyes?

his natural eye color is green, i think. I looked it up on this website