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He does not even speak good French, why would he speaks English?

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Q: Does franck ribery speak English
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What foot does Franck Ribery use?

Franck Ribery uses his right foot.

What is franck ribery religion?

Frank Ribery France international and bayern Munich footballer Is definatly a Muslim.

Where does franck ribery live?

Franck Ribery is a french footballer, but he plays his club football at bayern Munich.

How many goals did Franck Ribery score for Olympique de Marseille?

Franck Ribery scored 18 goals for Olympique de Marseille.

Who transferred from marseille to bayern Munich?

Franck Ribery

Who is the best football player in France?

franck ribery

Who does franck ribery play for?

Bayern Munich in Germany.

Why is Franck Ribery not playing in the 2014 World Cup?

Franck Ribery is not playing in the 2014 World Cup because he failed to overcome a back injury and was ruled out of the France squad.

Is Franck Ribery fair-skinned?

Yes, he is quite fair skinned.

How many goals has Franck Ribery scored in the 2010 season?


What color are franck ribery's eyes?

Brown with some little green

Was franck ribery in south park?

No, he never made an apperance in South Park. Soccer isn´t a big sport in the states, so only a few viewers would know who Franck Ribery is.