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Yes, if you meet your twin then you will have bad luck for a long time.

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Q: Does everybody have an evil twin?
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Does Luigi have an evil twin?

Luigi has and evil twin called Waluigi and Mario's evil twin is Wario

What planet is the evil twin to Venus?

Uranus's is known to be Venus's evil twin.

When was Evil Twin Comics created?

Evil Twin Comics was created in 2004.

What is a good name for an evil twin sister?

A good name for an evil twin sister is Similia, sounds like similar, like a twin, yet has an evil twist to it.

Is there a such thing as an evil twin?

No there in no such thing as evil.

Who is the evil twin between Mary Kate and ashely?

Ashley is the evil twin, hand down

Is bizzaro evil?

Yes bizzaro is evil he is supermans evil twin

Earths evil twin?


When does a red moon happen?

WHEN there a evil twin sits in the evil chair

What are the release dates for Evil Twin - 2011?

Evil Twin - 2011 was released on: USA: 6 February 2011 (video premiere)

What are the release dates for My Evil Twin - 2001?

My Evil Twin - 2001 was released on: USA: October 2001 (Los Angeles, California)

On Littlebigplanet why are you an evil twin?

why are you an evil twin you ask? well the evil twin will try to take your character he switches names i talked to him he said these phrases. I WILL HURT YOU REAL BAD,i said o rly? he said this? YOU WILL SEE US SOON