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No, she does not. Thankfully.

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Q: Does ein ever kiss zwie from phantom requiem?
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japanese seaweed Komonadieo Kongbap (korean) Kookie cake Kool-aid Kopanisti Korma (chicken) Korokke Kos, a type of lettuce Kos halva (turkish) Kosher Kosher pickle Koshihikari Kossuth cakes Kp cheese and onion sauce Kraft cheese Kraft macaroni and cheese Kransekake (a norwegian & danish ring cake) Kraut Kreplach Kringle (a round thin pastry) Krispie cream donuts Kugel (a traditional jewish desert or side dish) Kulfi (a frozen, flavored milk dessert from india) Kummel Kumquat Kundong Kunefe (turkish) Kung pao chicken Kusa mochi Kya zan hinga (myanmar) Kyeema K�£�¶ttbullar (swedish meatballs) L: Ladyfingers Laffy taffy Lager Lake trout Lamb Lamb's lettuce Lamb chops Lamingtons Lamprey Lancashire cheese Lancashire hotpot Langostine (aka scampi or norway lobster)langousten Lard Lardy cakes Lasagna Lasagne Latke (potato pancake) Lattice-topped pie Lay's potato chips Lean ground beef Lean meat Lechee Leche flan (milky custard dessert) Leek and potato soup Leeks Leftovers Leg of lamb Lego gummies Legumes Lemonade Lemon bars Lemon chalet cream(girl scout cookie) Lemon curd Lemongrass Lemon meringue pie Lemon pie Lemons Lemon sole Lemon squares Lemon tarts Lemon yogurt Lengua Lentils Lentil soup Lettuce Lichee Licorice Life cereal Lifesavers Light cheese Lima beans Limburger cheese Limeade Limes Lindenberry Ling (fish) Linguini Liquor Little ceasers pizza Little debbie snack cakes Littleneck clam Liver Liver and onions Liverwurst Loaf Loaf of bread Lobby Lobscouse Lobster Lobster salad Lobster stew Locust bean Loempia (filipino spring roll) Loganberries Loin Loin chops Loin roast Lollipop London broil steak Long grain wild rice Longoniza sausage Loquat Lotus root Low fat milk Lox Lox and bagels Lucky charms cereal Lumpfish roe Lunch Lunchables Lunchmeat Lurpak butter Lutefisk Lychee nuts Lyonnaise potatoes Lyonnaise sauce M & m's M&ms M: Macadamia nuts Mac and cheese Macaroni Macaroni and cheese Macaroni salad Macaroons Mackerel Mac n' cheese Mahi mahi Malt Malted milk balls Mandarin oranges Mangetout Mango Manicotti (pasta) Manna Manwich Maple syrup Maraschino cherries Marble cake Margarine Marinara pasta Marinara sauce Marinated chicken Marjoram Marmalade Marmalade toast Marmite Marrow Marshmallows Marzipan Masala Masala fish / chicken Mascarpone cheese Mashed potatoes Matzo Mayonnaise (mayo) Meat Meatballs Meatloaf Meat pie Meat sauce Melange Melba toast Melon Mentos Meringue Meringues Mike ike's Milk Milk chocolate Milk duds candy Milkshake Milky way candy bar Millet Mince Minced beef Minced ham Mincemeat Mince pie Minestrone Mini-wheat cereal Mini-wheats Mini bagels Mini cakes Mini carrots Mint Mint patties Minute maid oj Miso soup Mocha Molasses Momo (dumpling) Monkey bread Monkey business (ice cream) Monterey jack cheese Moo goo gai pan Moon pie Moose Moose tracks ice cream Multi-grain bread Multi-grain cheerios Munchos Mung beans Mushrooms Muskmelon minced meat Muslex cereal Mussels Mustard Mustard greens Mutton Mystic pizza N: Naan bread Nachos Naked juices Nalley's chips Nan Nandos Napa grapes Naranja (spanish for orange) Narcissus Narwhal meat Nashville barbecue Nasi-goreng [fried rice] Nasturtiums Natural yoghurt Navel oranges Navy beans Neapolitan pizza Necco wafers Nectar Nectarine Nectarine crepes Nectarines Neem oil Neeps (a scottish word for potatoes) Nehi Neopolitan ice cream Nerds (candy) Nestle's crunch candy bar Nestle quick Neufchatel cheese Newburg Newcastle New england clam chowder New english muffin New potato Newtons (the cookie) New york cheesecake New york corn New york french fries New york lettuce New york strip steak Nibbles Night train Nikoi salad Nilla wafers Nirnroot Nitric juce Nog Nonfat milk Nonpareils Noodle-oodle Noodle chicken soup Noodles Noodles de ramon Noodle soup Noodles with chicken Norriandos Nougat Nouveau cuisine Now and laters Nuclear iced tea Nuggets Nukes Nutella Nutmeg Nutralite (soybeans) Nutrigrain bars (brand of cereal bar) Nuts Nutterbutter cookies Nutty chocolate cake Nutty greens with bacon and blue cheese O: Oak leaf lettuce Oat bran Oatcake Oat flour Oatmeal Oatmeal cookies Oats Ocean spray beverages Octopus Offal Oh henry candy bar Oil Oil and vinegar salad dressing Okra Olallieberry Oleo, oleomargarine Olicook Olive loaf (sandwich meat) Olive oil Olives Omelet Onion Onion powder Onion rings Onion salt Onion soup Only puri Open face sandwiches Opossum Oquassa Orange Orange chicken Orange duck Orange jelly beans Orange juice Orange marmalade Orange popsicle Orange roughie (a type of fish) Orange sherbet Orange turkey Orange zest Orecchiette Oregano Ore ida french fries Oreo cookies Organic foods Orgeat Oriental noodles Ormer Orsacchiotti Orsetti Ort Ortanique Ortega toco shells Orville redenbacher's popcorn Orzo Oscar mayer meats Osetra Osso bucco Ostrich Otter-tail soup Ouderves Ovaltine Ox Oxaca cheese Ox heart Oxtail. Ox tail soup Oyster crackers Oyster mushrooms Oysters Oyster sauce P: Pablum Pacific cod Pacific herring Pacific salmon Pacific saury Pacific trout Pad thai noodles Paella Pancake Pancakes Pancetta Paneer cheese Panfish Pan fry Panini Pani puri Panko Panna cotta Pannetone Pansy Papaya Pappadams Pappardelle Paradise nut Parfait Parma ham Parmesan cheese Parmesano-reggiano cheese Parsley Parsnip Partridge Passionfruit Pasta Pastafazool Pasta salad Pastrami Pastry Pasty Patagonian toothfish Peanut brittle Peanut butter Peanut butter cookies Peanuts Pear Pearl barley Pearl millet Pearl onions Pea soup Pecans Pecorino-romano cheese Peking duck Pelagic cod Pemmican Penne Penuche Pepper Peppercorns Pepperidge farm cookies Pepper jack cheese Peppermint Peppermint candy Peppermint patties Pepperoncini Pepperoni Perch Pernil puerto rican style pork shoulder Persian lime Persimmon Pesto Petit four Pheasant Philly beef and cheese Phophyllo Phyllo dough Piccalilli Pickering Pickled bologna Pickled egg Pickled pig's feet Pickles Pico de gallo Pie Pierogies Pig's knuckles Pigeon Pigeon plum Pignola nuts (pine nuts) Pigs in a blanket (sandwiches) Pike Pilaf Pilchards Pili nut Pimento Pineapple Pine nuts Pink lady apples Pink peppercorns Pink salmon Pinto beans Pirogi (polish doughnut) Pistachio ice cream Pistachios Pita bread Pixy stix Pizza Pizzelle Plaice (fish) Pomelo Pomfret Pond apple Poor man's lobster Pop-tarts Popcorn Popovers Poppy seeds Pop rocks Popsicle Porcini (mushrooms) Pork Pork chops Pork fried rice Pork pie Pork rinds Pork roast Porridge Porrige Portabella mushrooms Porterhouse steak Port salut cheese Post cereals Potage (french soup) Potas Potato Potato chips Potato salad Pot barlet Pot pie Pot roast Potstickers Poultry Pound cake Poutine Prairie turnip Pralines Pralines and cream ice cream Prawns Preserves Pretzels Prickly pear cactus Prickly pears Prime rib Primrose (herbs) Pringles Prosciutto Provolone cheese Prune Prussian asparagus Psarosoupa Pudding Puff pastry Pulav Pulses (beans, etc.) Pummelo Pumpernickel bread Pumpkin Pumpkin pie Pumpkin puree Pu pu platter Puran poli Purple hull peas Purple peruvian (potatoes) P�£�¢t�£�© Q: Qat Quack, a german cheesecake Quahog (type of clam) Quail Quail eggs Quaker's oatmeal Quaker 100% natural granola cereal Quaker life cereal Quaker oatmeal Quaker oats Quaking pudding Quality street chocolate Quamash Quandong Quark cheese Quarter pounder Quavers Queen cake Queenfish Queen olive Queen scallop Queensland nut (aka: macadamia) Quenelle Quesadilla Quesadillas Queso Queso blanco Queso fresco Quiche Quiche ham and cheese Quiche lorraine Quick bread Quiddany Quince Quinine Quinine water Quinnat salmon Quinoa, protein rich seed Quorn R: Rabbit Rack of lamb Raclette Radiatore Radicchio Radishes Raducchio Raga sauce Ragout Ragu Ragu bolognese Rainbow runner Rainbow trout Raisin bran cereal Raisin bread Raisins Raita Rakkyo Rakyo Ramekin Ramen Ramon (an asian dish) Ranchero sauce Ranch salad dressing Range chicken Rape Rapeseed oil Rapini Rarebit Rare steak Rascasse Ras el hanout Rasher Raspberries Raspberry pie Raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing Ratafia Ratatouille Ravioli Raw milk Raw sugar ray Razor clam Reamer Red apples Red beans Red beans and rice Red cabbage Red currents Red grapefruit Red grapes Red jolly rancher Red licorice Red onion Red peppers Red potatoes Red rome apples Red snapper Red velvet cake Reese's peanut butter cups Reese's pieces Relish Rhubarb Ribeye steak Ribs Rice Rice-a-roni Rice cakes Rice krispies cereal Rice krispies treats Rice pudding Ricotta cheese Rigatoni Ring bologna Risotto Ritz crackers Roast beef Roasted almonds Roasted nuts Roast lamb Roast pork Rocambole (garlic) Rock cakes Rock candy Rocket Rocky road ice cream Roe (fish eggs) Rojak (some kind of an apple salad in singapore) Rold gold pretzels Rolled oats Rolls Rolo (chocolates) Roly poly (pudding) Roma apples Roots Root vegetables Roquefort cheese Roquefort salad dressing Rosemary Roulade Round steak Rueben sandwich Ruffles potato chips Rumake Rum cake Rump roast Rump steak Russet potatoes Russian dressing Rutabaga Rye Rye bread S: Sable cookies Sablefish Sabra liqueur Sachertorte Safflower Saffron Saga blue cheese Saganaki Sage Sago Salad Salami Salmon Salsa Salsasponge cake Salt Saltencrackers Saltine crackers Salt pork Samosa Sandwiches Sardines Sashimi Satsuma Satsumas Sauce Sauerkraut Sausage Sause Savory oil (summer variety) - flavoring agent Scallions Scallops Scampi Scones Score candy bar Scrambled eggs Seafoodsantalyl acetate - flavoring agent Seared ahi Sea scallops Seaweed Seeds Semolina Sesame oil Sesame seeds Seven-layer salad Shell fish Shish kabab Short bread Shortbread cookies Shortcake Shortcakes Short ribs Shrimp Silique (radish) Sirloin burgers Sirloin steak Skate Skittles Skore bar Slivered almonds Sloppy joes Smarties Smarties candies Smoked fish Smoke flavorings - color, flavoring agent Smores Snacks Snails Snapper Snickerdoodles Snickers Snout Snow peas Soda Sopapia Sorghum Sorrel Souffle Soup Sour cream Sour patch kids candy Sour pork Soy milk Soy sauce Spaghetti Spaghetti sauce Spaghetti squash Spam Spanish rice Spare ribs Spartan apples Special k Special k cereal Spices Spinach Spinach dip Sponge cake Spring rolls Sprouts Spumoni Squash Squid Starburst Starfruit Steak Steak and soup Steamed clams Stew Stir fry Stoned wheat crackers Stout Strawberries Strawberry ice cream Strawberry jam Strawberry shortcake Strawberry waffles String beans String cheese Stroganoff Stromboli Strudel Strudle Stuffing Submarine sandwich (sub) Subs Sub sandwich Succotash Suet Sugar Sugar cookies Sugar pops cereal Sugar smacks brand cereal Sugar snap peas Sultanas Summer squash Sun chips Sun chips brand snacks Sundae Sun dried tomatoes Sunflower seeds Sushi Susu Swede Swedish berries Swedish fish Swedish meat balls Sweet and sour pork Sweet corn Sweet peas Sweet potatoes Sweets Sweet tarts Sweet tea Swiss chard Swiss cheese Swiss roll Swordfish Syrup T-bone steak T: Tabuli Taco Taffy Talapia Tamale Tamarind Tang Tangerine Tangerines Taro Tarragon Tart Tar tar Tarter sauce Tater tots Tatolli (an italian food Tea Tea cakes Tempura Tenderloin Teriaki chicken Three musketeers candy bar Thyme Tic tacs Tiger meat Tilapia fish Tiramisu Tiramisu (an italian dessert) Toad in the hole Toast Toblerone Toffee Trout Truffles Tuna fish Tuna sandwich Tuna steak Turkey Turkey pot pie Turkey sandwhich Turnips Turtle Turtle cheesecake Turtle soup Twinkies Twix U: Ube: purple yams Uchon carrot Udder Udder tripe Udi's bread Udo Udon noodles Udu Ugali - thick smooth porridge Uglies biscuts Ugli fruit Ugly tomatoes Ukha Ukoy - shrimp and bean sprouts Ukrainian rolls Ulluco - south american tuber vegetable that resembles a small potato Ultimate apple crisp Umble pie Umbles - the offal of deer Umbra Umbrella fruit Umbricelli pasta Umeboshi plums Umquat Unagi - freshwater eel Unbleached flour Uncooked pasta Undecanal Undercooked meat Undio Uniq fruit - hybrid citrus fruit of grapefruit, tangerine and orange that grows in tropical regions Unleavened bread Unpasteurized cheese Unpasturized milk Unsalted beer nuts Unsalted brazils Unsalted butter Unsalted cashews Unsalted cps almonds Unsalted hazelnuts Unsalted peanuts Unsalted pecans Unsweetened apple sauce Unsweetened chocolate Upland cress Upma: a south indian food Upside-down cake Upside down cake Upside down pineapple cake Urad dal Urchins Urfa pepper flakes Urgelia cheese Usal - mung-bean curry Usicka prsuta Utah giant cherry Uvas V-8 juice V: Vada Valencia orange Vamero rice Vanilla Vanilla cake Vanilla frosting Vanilla ice cream Vanilla pudding Vanilla wafers Veal Vegemite Vegetable oil Vegetables Vegetable soup Vegetarian Vegetarian chili Veggie burger Velveeta cheese Vendace (freshwater whitefish) Vendakkai soup Venison (deer meat) Verdure Vermicelli pasta Vertolini Vesta beef curry Vesta chicken supreme Vesta chow mein Vichyssoise Victoria cake Victoria plums Victoria sponge (cake) Victoria sponge cake Victuals Vienna roll Vienna sausage Vinaigrette Vindaloo Vinegar Vine spinach Viscount biscuits Vittles Vodka jelly (alcoholic jelly) Vodka meat pie Vol-au-vents Volaille (chicken breast) Vongole Vsauce W: Wafer Waffle Waffles Wagon wheel biscuits Wagyu beef Wakame Waldorf salad Walleyed pike Walnut Walruses Wan chai ferry asian food Wapper Wasabi - a pungent japanese horseradish, which in its powdered form is used to make a condiment served with sushi and sashimi. Wasabi peas Wasbi Washington apples Wassail Water apple Water chestnuts Water crackers Watercress Watermelon Watermelon wheat Wax apple Wax beans Wax gourd Weet bix Wheaties Wheat thins Wheetos Whelks Whey Whipped cream White aspen White bait White beans White bread White chocolate White currants White meat White meat chicken White mulberry White rice White sapote White sauce White turkey meat Whiting Whitman's boxed chocolates Whole cashews Whole grain oats Wholemeal bread Whole wheat bagels Whole wheat bread Whole wheat buns Whole wheat pasta Whole wheat toast Whoppers (burger king) Whoppers (malted milk balls) Wieners Wild berries Wild orange Wild pork Wild rice Wine berry Winesap apples Wine sauce Winged bean Wings Winkles Wintergreen flavor Winter melon Winter nellis pears Wise potato chips Wish bone salad dressing X- X-cat-ik chillies (light yellow fresh chillies; very hot and typically left whole to flavour prepared meat and fish dishes) X-factor (energy drink) X: Xacuti masala (indian delicacy prepared with marinated meat or fish and mixed spices) Xalwa a somali (cornflour paste) Xanthan gum (thickener for food, emulsifier, foaming agent, gelling agent, stabilizer, suspending agent, and whipping agent) Xanthareel Xanthones (contained in the mangosteen fruit. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes.) Xanthren (herbs) Xanthum gum Xavier souppe (classic italian soup) Xavier steak (american steak dish) Xerem de fiesta (dish from cape verde, and africa) Xia-chinese shrimp Xia mi-chinese dried shrimp Xiang cai-chinese for corriander Xiangcaojing-chinese for vanilla Xiangchang-chinese for sausage Xiangjiao-chinese for banana Xian hamburger Xianrou - chinese for bacon Xiaodianxin - chinese for cookies Xiaonijurou - chinese for veal Xi gua (chinese watermelon) Xihongshi - chinese for tomato Xi mi fen - chinese for tapioca flour Xinag jun-chinese for black dried mushroom Xingzi - chinese for apricot Xiphias Xiphios - greek for swordfish Xixcrackers Xocolatl - ancient aztec for chocolate Xom tum (very hot and spicy thai dish) Xo sauce Xouba (small, sardinelike fish found near spain) Xouba - small, sardinelike fish found near spain Xtra (brand of gum) Xtreme candy Xtreme hot sauce Xtreme sour belts (airheads candy) Xylitol (humectant, moisture-retaining agent, nutritive sweetener) Y-yorkie yellow squash yakitori Y: Yams Yogurt Z: Zatar (a member of the mint family) Zebra cakes Zingers (snack cakes like twinkies) Ziti (pasta shape) Zucchini Zwie-back crackers