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Yes they do.

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2010-06-16 03:21:51
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Q: Does cox cable have the soap net channel?
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What cable channel is soap net on Cablevision Bronx NY?

what channel is soap net cox in oklahoma

What channel is soap net on cox cable?

As of November 2013, Soapnet was no longer available on the Cox Cable channel line up. The Soapnet channel was officially shut down in December of 2013.

What cable channel is soap net?

It's channel 89 on Cablevision.

What channel on Time Warner is soap-net?

Soap-Net is on Channel 57 if you use Time Warner Cable! It will be the new Disney Junior Channel!

What channel is soap net on Time Warner cable in Cincinnati Ohio?


What channel is soap net on Time Warner cable?

119 for new York city

What channel is soap net on charter?

SOAPnet is on channel 75 on Charter. SOAPnet is an American cable television channel that broadcasts a lot of soap operas from the past and present.

What channel is Soap net on with Charter?

Channel 45.

What is the channel for fox sports net on cox cable?

Fox Sports Net or Fox Sports Network is coming out with a new cable channel starting August 17th nationwide. There have been little blurbs about it on Fox's main cable channel for the past 2 weeks now. Check your local cable provider in August when they will have a newsletter or something coming out with your next cable bill to see what channel number it will have and if it will come with your subscription or if it is a paid channel.

What channel is soap net on for the 41828 zip code?

Soap net is no more. The channel ended a few months ago

What channel and time is soap net on TWC?


What bright house channel is soap net on?

158 bright house took the soap off the channel 158 and don't offer anymore I'm a very disappointed customer looking for s different cable company know.

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