Does charlie swan become a vampire?

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No, he does not.

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Q: Does charlie swan become a vampire?
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Related questions

Does Charlie become a vampire?

No, Charlie doesn't become a vampire.

What motivated Bella Swan?

Bella Swan's aim is to become a vampire

Does Edward Cullen or Jacob Black on of them tell the secrtet to charlie swan?

"Yes and No." Jacob tells the werewolf secret to Charlie, but not the vampire secret. I imagine Charlie WILL find out sooner or later. But the Question that remains is "Who will tell Charlie Swan?"But Im do assume that he will find out. When he finds out he will have to become imortal.

Does Charlie Swan find out that his daughter Bella is vampire?

No, Charlie Swan does not find out that Bella Swan is a vampire. He does however know that supernatural creatures exist due to Jacob Black revealing himself to be a shape-shifter by changing into a wolf. Jacob also tells him that Bella has become more like Alice and Esme, so Charlie has some inkling that Bella is different and more supernatural that what she used to be.

In breaking dawn does Charlie Swan Kind of Find Out the Cullen's Vampire Secret?

no he does not the reason why is that charlie DID'NT want to know

Does Isabella Swan become a vampire?

Yes Isabella Swan becomes a vampire in the 4th book. but to find you how you must keep reading the series.

Does Bella Swan become a vampire and if so in which book?

Yes Bella Does Become A Vampire. She Becomes One In Breaking Dawn.

Did Bella Swan become a vampire?

Yes, Edward turns Bella into a vampire in Breaking Dawn.

Does belle from twilight come a vampire?

Yes, Bella Swan does become a vampire. She doesn't become a vampire until the last book, Breaking Dawn.

When does Bella Swan become a vampire?

towards the end of breaking dawn

What is Bella Swans motivation?

Bella Swan's aim is to become a vampire

What is the difference between Isabella Swan and Bella Cullen?

Isabella Swan is daughter of Charlie Swan, human, and not married to Edward. Bella Cullen is Isabella as a vampire and maried to Edward Cullen. ;P

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