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He was dating Chelsea Staub, but they broke up. So it seems as though he is currently single.

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Q: Does brian dales from the summer set have a girlfriend?
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What is the name of the lead singers name of the summer set?

brian dales.

How tall is Brian Dales from The Summer Set?

He posted on his twitter that he is 6'

How old is brian dales from the summer set?

23, he was born on November, 19 1989

Who are the members of The Summer Set?

The Band The Summer Set currently has the following members: Brian Dales, John Gomez, Stephen Gomez, Josh Montgomery, and Jessica Bowen.

Who the lead singer in summer set?

Brain Dales

Did The Summer Set write Chelsea for Chelsea Staub?

Yes, she used to date the band's lead singer, Brian Dales. So she influenced the song.

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Is Debby Ryan going out with john Gomez from the summer set?

She is not dating John Gomez. Supposedly Debby has a crush on John, which Chelsea (Staub - dating Brian from The Summer Set) claimed she would play "match maker" for the two, but thus far it is doubtful that John will reciprocate the feelings and go out with Debby.

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The Summer Set's official merch store is run through and of course you can buy merchandise at shows.

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