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Q: Does brax die in home and away?
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Who plays Darryl brax on home and away?

Brax is played by Steve Peacocke :)

Does brax have a daughter in home and away?


Are charlie and brax getting together in home and away?


When is Steve Peacocke who plays Brax on Home and Away Birthday?

He was born on the 30th October 1981 :)

What other shows have the river boys been in?

Heath was previously in home and away as rueben humphries and brax has had a spot on packed to the rafters

What Happens to Charlie in Home and away?

i hope she dosnt die i love her character and the love story between charlie and brax it would be really disappointing if charlie deid or if they both left hope they stay in the show love them

What is the birth name of Tuija Brax?

Tuija Brax's birth name is Tuija Kaarina Brax.

When was Tuija Brax born?

Tuija Brax was born on January 6, 1965, in Helsinki, Finland.

How did Gina die off home and away 2013?

how did Gina die home and away 2013

Does Martha die on Home and Away?

no Martha did not die on home and away. she left because she ran away with Hugo Jacks cousin because he was running away from the cops. she did have breast cancer but did not die as a result of this.

Does Dexter die in home and away?


Does Xavier die in home and away?

no he doesn't