Does bradie webb have a son?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, Bradie doesnt have a son, he put a picture of HIM when he was 4 on myspace and said it was his son Stanley but he was joking the picture was of him!!! and he is only 19 and works @ dominos!

On short stack t.v. someone asked that and short stack were laughing so hard, it was funny

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Q: Does bradie webb have a son?
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Is bradie webb an atheist?

Unknown. There is no record on what Bradie Webb identifies as.

Is bradie webb married?

no, bradie webb is not married. yes he is, he is married to me ;)

What is bradie webb's full name?

Bradie Gerald Xavier Webb He doesnt like to use Xavier so just call him Bradie Gerald Webb (: x

What is Bradie Webb?

Bradie Webb is a person. he's a drummer for a band called short stack

Does Bradie Webb have a girlfriend?

No Bradie Webb does not have a girlfriend because he broke up with his girlfriend 10 years ago. bradie webb does have a girlfriend sorry bradie fans:( Yes he does, her name is Danielle Semler they started dating in April 2011. Sorry Bradie lovers!

What is Bradie Webb's star sign?

Born March 22, 1990, the musician Bradie Webb has the Sun in Aries.

What is Bradie Webb's age?

Bradie Webb was born on March 22, 1990. He is almost 25 as of the time of this writing.

How old is Bradie Webb?

Bradie Webb (of Short Stack) is 27 years old (born March 22, 1990).

What is Bradie Webb's official fan phone number?

WikiAnswers does not have an official fan phone number for Bradie Webb at this time.

What is Bradie Webb's favorite food?

Bradie's favourite food is noodles and spaghetti.

Did bradie webb have braces?


Who is bradie webb dating?

no one, why?