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yes, the figurehead of the black pearl is a lady holding a dove that is about to fly away.

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Q: Does black pearl have a figurehead?
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What is the name of the ship that Davy Jones gave to jack sparrow?

Captain Jack Sparrow's ship of choice was the Black Pearl.

What was captain jack ship called?

In Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl.

Nicknames for a black beauty?

creole goddess Black Pearl creole goddess Black Pearl

What is the theme of the black pearl by Scott o'dell?

The theme of the black pearl is what changes Ramon's life when he finds the pearl.

What is a figurehead?

The figurehead is what is called the figure on the prow of a ship.

What is joe jonas's guitar name jenny black pearl or bob?

black pearl

What was captain jacks ship called in pirates of the Caribbean?

The Black Pearl.

How do you say black pearl in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, "black pearl" is translated as "poho ākea."

On Pirates of the Caribbean online where is the black pearl?

Well, to get the black pearl you need to complete the whole black pearl quest. Then have to do the boss battle. And to redo the battle make a crew, then press L and select the first one and click on the black pearl

Is the black pearl the first film of the pirates of Caribbean?

It's called the curse of the black pearl

When was The Black Pearl - Scott O'Dell - created?

The Black Pearl - Scott O'Dell - was created in 1967.

When was The Mystery of the Black Pearl created?

The Mystery of the Black Pearl was created on 1912-03-25.