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The Race To Get To Sleep

They're on their marks, they're set,

Their off!!

Matthew is kicking off his shoes!

Penny's struggling out of her jumper!

He's ripping off his trousers!

She's got one sock off! Now the other's off!

But Metthew's still wining! No, he's not!

It's Penny! Penny's is in the lead!

She's down her knickers!

She's racing out of the room!

She's racing upstairs!

Matthew is right behind her!

There's a fight on the landing!

There's a scramble at the bathroom's door!

It's Penny! It's Metthew! It's…

Splash! They're both in the bath!

But there's a hitch!

Matthew's got soap in his eyes!

Penny's got soap on her nose!

They're stalling! But no, they're both fine!

They're both out of the bath! They're neck and neck!

It's Matthew! It's Penny! It's Metthew!

Now's is Penny again! She's ahead!

She's first on with her pyjamas!

Now Metthew is catching up! There's nothing in it!

They're climbing into their beds!

They're both absolutely quiet!

It's the hardest race in the whole world!!

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Q: Does anyone have the words for the Race to get to sleep by Brian Patten my son has chosen this for speech day at school and i could do with a copy for him to practice with at home.?
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