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He is believed to have a portrait of himself tatooed on his back left thigh. It's pretty hot.

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I don’t know he loves hes chocolate mlk

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Q: Does angus young have any tattoos?
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What is angus young religion?

Angus Young, the lead guitarist of AC/DC, has not publicly disclosed his religious beliefs. It is not common knowledge what religion he practices, if any.

Is angus young awesome?

Yes, Angus Young is Jesus.

Who is shorter angus young or Malcolm young?

Angus is shorter.

What is the birth name of Angus Bell Young?

Angus Bell Young's birth name is Angus Stewart Stodart Young.

What team does Angus Young support?

Detroit As far as I know, Angus Young doesn't support any football team. He hasn't shown any enthusiasm for any sport during his career. There seems to be no evidence on the web that he has.

Who is more famous angus young or kirk hammett?

Angus Young

Who plays guitar in ACDC?

Angus and Malcolm Young. Angus is the lead guitar, and is possibly the greatest lead to ever duck walk a stage. Malcolm is rythm guitar, and is not quite as esteemed, but is also really good. Cliff Williams plays the bass guitar.

What is Angus Young's birthday?

Angus Young was born on March 31, 1955.

Does Angus Young believe in Jesus?

I'm not sure whether or not Angus Young believes in Jesus. Angus Young of AC/DC does not actively practice any religion. (But this does not necessarily mean that he does or does not believe in God or Jesus.)

Has Angus Young been to jail?

No, Angus Young from AC/DC has not been to jail.

What nicknames does Angus Bell Young go by?

Angus Bell Young goes by Bell.

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have tattoos?

of course not ..... i think so they are still too young !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!