Does Andy Griffith have grandchildren

Updated: 8/28/2023
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Andy Griffith had a son Sam , Sam was once married to a woman by the name of Jewel they had a son by the name of Brandon if I'm not mistaken how I know this is bc I met Jewel and Sam and there at the time there 2;year old son in Nags Head North Carolina . The 2 year old had locks of curly blonde hair he remained by the poolside with me and Jewel while Andy's son Sam went for a walk on the beach . I knew Sam had a drug problem at the time he went as far to ask me if I could get him some pot , according to Jewel Andy and his son was not talking bc of Sam's drug use . They invited me to there home in California but I didn't go but the next thing I knew Sam died on my Birthday January 17th , I was very sad to read the news . They were nice people a nice family from my observation .

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And Griffith was been married three time. His wives were Barbara Bray Edwards, Solica Cassuto, and Cindi Knight. He divorced Edwards and Cassuto, and was married to Knight until his death in 2012. He had two children, Andy "Sam" Griffith Jr. and Dixie Griffith. Sam passed away in 1996.

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Andy Griffith has been married 3 times. Originally to Barbara Bray Edwards from 1949 to 1972, then to Solica Cassuto from 1975 to 1981, and finally to Cindi Knight from 1983 to July 3rd 2012, the day he passed away at age 86.

He had 2 children named Andy 'Sam' Griffith and Dixie 'Nan' Griffith who were both adopted during his marriage to Barbara.

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Q: Does Andy Griffith have grandchildren
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