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No. She was on a show called Desperate Housewives.

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Q: Does actress Eva Longoria act in Pretty Little Liars?
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What is Pretty Little Liars Mona Vanderwaal's real name?

actress Janel Parrish is portraying Mona on Pretty Little Liars

Who is the actress that plays Mona in Pretty Little Liars?

Janel Parrish

What is Aria's mother's name in real life in Pretty Little Liars?

The actress who portrays Aria's mother on Pretty Little Liars is Holly Marie Combs

What is the name of the actress that portrays Paige from Pretty Little Liars?

Lindsey Shaw

What actress plays as Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars?

Janel Parrish

What is the name of the actress that portrays Alison from Pretty Little Liars?

Sasha Pieterse

Who is Meredith Fell in Pretty Little Liars?

Meredith Fell from The Vampire Diaries is portrayed by actress Torrey DeVitto, who also portrays Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars

What the name of the actress who plays Spencer's sister on Pretty Little Liars?

Torrey DeVitto

What is the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Pretty Little Liars!

Who is Louis on Pretty Little Liars?

there's no Louis in pretty little liars.

Is jena from ppl really blind?

Tammin Sursok is the actress for Jenna on pretty little liars and is not really blind.

Is there a new Pretty Little Liars book?

there is not a new pretty little liars book