Does abyo love ching from pucca?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes he does. He just doesn't wanna tell her. It's quite obvious.

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Q: Does abyo love ching from pucca?
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Does Abyo love Ching?

Yes,Abyo likes Ching

What are the release dates for Pucca - 2006 Fab Abyo 2-28?

Pucca - 2006 Fab Abyo 2-28 was released on: UK: 14 July 2008 USA: 14 July 2008

Who is pucca's REAL true love?

PUCCA ♥ GARU forever and ever Ching ♥ Abvio

What are the release dates for Pucca - 2006 Ching It On 2-25?

Pucca - 2006 Ching It On 2-25 was released on: UK: 7 July 2008 USA: 7 July 2008

When do garu and pucca start dating?

Pucca first met Garu while he was practicing ninjitzu. (martial arts) It was love in first sight!! I LOVE PUCCA!!!

What are the lyrics to the pucca Bollywood song?

Well, lyrics are the expression or emotion of the song. The song expresses love so it starts off with a lovely and sweet tone ok this is the actual song below. Pucca you are my pretty boy,i am one in love with you, one plus one equals two when its me and you.With the Manson my love sleeps on your soul,lifes always sunny but lovin is funny,{Pause} Garu love is trouble, love is funny,your so lovely. Pucca looouuooouooouooove. Garu kissy you. Pucca kissy me. Both kissy come true. Garu love story.{long Pause} Pucca funny love x8 Garu funny love X8

What episode is it when pucca is mad at garu?

In he love me not

What is the episode called when pucca doesnt love garu anymore?

Obviously, "He Loves Me Not" At the very end, Garu gives Pucca flowers. Why? Because he can't stand a girl crying even Pucca. If you do want to see garu care for pucca, watch the animated shorts version. In three of them, you can see he obviously loves her!

Is Pucca ever going to win her true love?

yes because in the last episode pucca broke up with garu but garu felt bad about it

Who is stronger pucca or hello kitty?


Is pucca a Korean character?

Yes, Pucca is a character from a South Korean animated television series. She is a young girl who is in love with a ninja named Garu.

Who is stronger Kirby or pucca?

Pucca because if kirby makes pucca mad she would turn into angry pucca to destroy kirby.