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A cell nucleus has coworkers in fact all the organelles are its coworkers

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Q: Does a nucleus have any co-workers?
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Does the cell membrane have any coworkers?


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What does a nucleus membrane do?

a nucleus membrane protect any materials from it

Have no nucleus or organelles?

Prokariyotes do not have no nucleus. But they have organelles. Virus do not have any

What charge does the nucleus of an atom hold?

The charge of any Nucleus is Neutral.

Why is the nucleus of eukaryote important?

it is important because the nucleus is the control center of any cell . if they have a nucleus. *note* bacteria and viruses don't have a nucleus.

What is the approximate size of nucleus?

Nucleus of a cell ~10-7 - 10-6 m Atomic nucleus ~10-14 m

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Is a nucleus a plant?

Not in chemistry. A nucleus is the center of the atom. In biology a nucleus is the center of a cell. Any cell, plant or animal.

A cell that has a nucleus?

Basically any cell; without a nucleus how will the cell know its function?

Prokaryotic cells do not have any?


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