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Yes he does, Lil Wayne has 120 tattoos. Vybz Kartel has 145 tatoos.

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Weezy probably

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Lil Wayne !

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Q: Does Vybz Kartel have more tattoos than Lil Wayne?
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Who got more tattoos lil wayne or wiz khalifa?

Lil wayne has more tattoos than wiz khalifa

Who is famous from Jamaica?

There are many famous persons from Jamaica. If you are taking about entertainment, there is vybz kartel and movado, sizzla, capleton, gyptian, Michael fabulous and more If you are talking about art there is louise bennette, rex nettleford, edna manley and more Many more ............

Does Waka Flocka have more tattoos than Lil Wayne?

yes he does

Do Soujia boy got more tattoos than lil Wayne?


Is vybz kartel gay?

Yes kartel is gay, cause he shows TOO MUCH his homophobia. Do you know another artist who hates gays so much ? Kartel must have been traumatized during his childhood, he looks overdue, suffering. For me, there's no doubt that the man is gay; moreover he wears, looks like a gay and pretend being straight. All artists are misunderstood and suffering anyhow, Kartel is an artist, and it must be necessary to be like that, but moreover being repressed, he became more and more white… that remind me the story of Mickael Jackson…

How many tattoos does Lil Wayne have?

A better question would be "what percent of Lil Wayne's body is covered by ink?" It has to be more than 50%. Lil Wayne has more than 300 tattoos, all with some personal or symbolic meaning.

How many tattoos does the rapper Lil Wayne have on his body?

He has 47 tattoo's and says he has room for more.

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Harry has the most tattoos.

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It could and tattoos can be addicting sometimes. it could effect your skin the more tattoos you get

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She says that Her tattoos have saying and says that she maybe gonna get more

Do more girls have flower tattoos then shark tattoos?

Yes it is a scientific fact that 68% of girls have flower tattoos and only 32% of girls have shark tattoos.

How many tattoos is too many?

Your whole body filled with tattoos. Tattoos are bad, they don't let your skin breathe. So you will die quicker the more tattoos you have.