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In Wrestling they were "enemy's" in the storyline, but in real life they are actually friends Stone cold said after there match at wrestlemania 19 when they were on the floor in the ring The Rock said to him Thank you, dont know how much this means to me, I love you brother and Austin said I love you too.

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Well,Probely Not.Its Just For the Show

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yes they do

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Q: Does Stone Cold Steve Austin get along with Stephanie McMahon?
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Who is inducting stone cold Steve Austin?

Vince McMahon inducted "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Who inducted stone cold steve austin?

Vince McMahon inducted "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Who Is The New RAW GM?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Why haven't The Undertaker had a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in Wrestlemania?

Because Vince McMahon didn't want them to..

Who is better stone cold Steve Austin or Chris Jericho?

Stone cold steve austin is better

Who was stone-cold Steve Austin enemy?

During his career with WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin had one of the greatest feuds in professional wrestling history. He feuded with the owner of the WWE Vincent McMahon and the feud and rivalry elevated WWE to great heights. As part of this feud, he fought with people like Mic Foley, Rock, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Triple H etc.

Is any of world wrestling entertainment real?

Yes. Triple H is actually married to Stephanie McMahon. Sometimes when the superstars "botch" the moves the injuries are real, like when Owen Hart Piledrivered "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Austin's head actually hit the ring, and he had a pretty bas concussion.

How do you unlock stonecold in svr 2011?

By Beaten Vince McMahon And Stunner Him Then You Will Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin Thanks Jacob ClyMc

Is stone cold Steve Austin from the same family of Steve Austin the old actor?

Unlikely, Stone Cold Steve Austin's real name is Steve Williams.

What is stone cold steve austin doing?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin had been making films.

What is Stone Cold Steve Austin's birthday?

Stone Cold Steve Austin was born on December 18, 1964.

What movies did stone cold Steve Austin play in?

how many movies did cold stone Steve Austin played in