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Q: Does Steve valentine sing the songs in 'im in the band'?
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Is iron weasel an actual band?

yes there are real band in disney and steve valentine sing all songs

Does Steve valentine from 'im in the band' sing the songs or does he mime?

No. Chuck Duran dubs his voice for Season 1. For Season 2 he does his own singing

Does Steve Wright of the Greg Kihn Band sing solo in any songs of Greg Kihn Band?

Yes. In Greg Kihn Band- For Your Love- Yardbirds (cover) on

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How many songs did the band white Eskimo have?

from what i have heard the band sing it was covers

What songs does the band owlcity sing?

ten million fireflies,

What language does the band moonspell sing?

Mainly in English. Although they sing some songs in Portuguese.

What is the band FFB?

the band FFB is Falling Fall Beloved...totally awesome band...they sing sreamo songs:)

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Monster , Hero , Awake and Alive

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