Does SpongeBob like squidward

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think they do because in one of the episodes he said...

spongebob-Bye Squidward... Bye Mr. Krabs.......Bye squidward

Patrick- You said Bye squidward 2 times

Spongebob- I LIKE Squidward

So this is why I think spongebob likes Squidward...

i think he really does like spongebob but he is anoyying so he gets

angry and spongebob really likes him !

he also calls him a hunk on the episode where sqwidward becomes handsome

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Sort of. Usually he tells spongebob to go away. that wasnt hard.

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Q: Does SpongeBob like squidward
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What episode was SpongeBob doing the nightshift?

The episode in which Spongebob and Squidward work the night shift is called "Graveyard Shift."

What is Squidward's middle name?

This varies by the source material. His full name was given initially as "Squidward Johannsson Tentacles", but in the episode ''Professor Squidward'', his middle name is said to start with a Q. One source lists this as Quincy, but a reliable reference has the middle name as Quentin.

Who is squidward dating?

Squidward likes many different things. Here are some things Squidward says he likes in the Spongebob series. the person he likes is "jim the original fry cook. read for more info. * 1. in the episode "squidville" he is surprised that the store sells "canned bread" so he must like that * 2. in the camping episode he brings a can of swedish barnacle balls with him so he must also like them. * 3. he was in a friend relationship with "jim the original frycook" (before spongebob) so he must be squidwards friend. * 4. squidward likes him self and sometimes can be arragant, he also likes clarinet which he is ussless at playing. * 5. squidward likes to read "fancy living digest which is seen in the episode "chocolate with nuts" * 6. squidward is always saying in spongebob that he cant wait till he gets home at 6.00. as he said in the spongebob episode "the krusty sponge", he said "all my life depends on is going home at 6.00 clock. are you series? when the person asked that question they meant like like, like LOVE! anyway squidward doesn't love anybody.

What is squidward arch nemasis?

Spongebob would be considered Squidwards antagonist or nemesis .

Is Squidward green?

No, not exactly. On SpongeBob, Squidward is more of a tealish color. It depends on how you look at it. Squidward could be considered green, if you considered him a wintergreen color.

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Who is SpongeBob neighbor?

squidward tenticles

What is the name of the SpongeBob episode when SpongeBob sprays squidward with kelp spray?

''Giant Squidward"

What word can't squidward say?

In the episode "Fools in April", Squidward was a jerk. He fool Spongebob when they both are at work. When Spongebob was at home, he opens the door for Squidward. Squidward tries to apologize to Spongebob to what had been done in the krusty krab and the word that Squidward can't say is sorry.

What is a fact about SpongeBob?

Sandy, SpongeBob, Squidward & Patrick

How do you spell sqwedward?

The character on SpongeBob SquarePants is Squidward (Squidward Tentacles).

Who is Patrick star friends with?

squidward,spongebob,sandy,krabs , and mermaid man and barnicle boy

What was SpongeBob best friend name?

Patrick Star. (And Squidward Tentacles, but Spongebob just thinks that, Squidward really hates him)

How do you spell squidward?

The octopus character is Squidward Tentacles, the coworker and major foil of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Who spongebob live next to?


Does Squidward from SpongeBob have hair?

no he did tho ..........why ?

Is SpongeBob claustrophobic?

No, but Squidward appears to be.

Spongebob why is squidward grumpy all the time?

He hates the people in Bikini Bottom, especially Squilliam.