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Q: Does Sonny and chad like each other on Sonny With a Chance?
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Does Chad like Sonny off of Sonny With a Chance?

Chad and Sonny both secretly like each other.

When are chad and Sonny going to be together on Sonny With a Chance?

in the later episodes and I watched a promo of sonny and chad admiting they like each other !

On Sonny with a Chance do Sonny and Chad both like each other?

Yes, they just pretend to hate each other.

Are Sonny and Chad going to date on Sonny With a Chance?

I think so because in the last ep of season 1 sonny and chad say they like each other

Does Sonny and chad from Sonny With a Chance make the cutest couple ever?

Totally they are like made for each other.

When does chad tell Sonny he likes her an Sonny With a Chance?

They both tell each other they like each other in the season finale, Sonny:So Far

Why do chad and sonny fight so much on Sonny With a Chance?

Because They Like (Crush Kinda Like) Each other

Will sonny and chad date in Sonny With a Chance?

They will date in Season 2. Season 1 is just them starting to fall for each other.

Will Sonny and Chad break up on Sonny With a Chance?

I think that they're so perfect for each other, that they won't, but only the producers know for sure.

Will sonny and chad in Sonny With a Chance ever date or kiss?

Yes, Sonny and Chad date in the episode falling for the falls. They are supposed to kiss in sonny with a secret! Sonny discovers she loves chad but does not want to tell him b/c she may have to move back home :( Chad realizes he loves her to....they tell each other...and watch it to see the ending.

Who likes who on Sonny With a Chance?

It's confusing but... Sonny & Chad like each other but they don't know it Sometimes they have feelings for each other and sometimes they don't Especially Chad you can tell he likes her because he always gets jealous when shes with someone else

In Sonny With a Chance do Chad and Sonny like each other?

in my opinion they are kinda like chemistry, and usually the people that hate each other or are rivals at the start, end up liking each other!I agree in later episodes they start to realize their feelings and chad cares about herYes, they just hide their emotions