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Yes and I am here cosin so I know her and my name is destiny gomez

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Q: Does Selena Gomez still see her dad?
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Where is Selena Gomez's dad?

Selena's real dad is Ricardo Gomez, her step dad whom you usually see traveling with her is Brian Teefy.

Does Selena Gomez ever see her dad?


Can i see a picture of Selena's real dad?

1. 2. This is SElena Gomez with her dad, Ricardo Gomez. I hope you appreciate this, whover wrote the question. You can find pictures *Search: Selena Gomez

How do you do a movie with Selena gomez?

You have to see castings for a movie with Selena Gomez in it and audition:)

Do demi lavanto and Selena Gomez still see each other?

yes they are still best friends

Are Selena Gomez and Theodore Gomez related?

If you think this as a joke, then stop joking. i am from the future, and Selena Gomez is not going to die. i am from 3010. not to long ago right? but i am still from the future. If you look at who last etited this,you will see a name. that is not my real name. im really Selena Gomez, at the age of 116. see you soon pasters.P.S. me and Theodore are not related.

How many members are there in Selena Gomez family?

she is the only child so there's 3 people in the family let's see mom,dad,selena so there u go guys.

When is Selena gomez coming to Nashville?

I hope sometime soon I will go and see her love ya Selena Gomez

What is Selena gomez's official website?

For the official website of Selena Gomez, see Sources and related links, below.

Can you see Selena Gomez in Hollywood?


Why are Selena Gomez and demi lavoto not friends anymore?

Demi and Selena are still friends they just had a little fight and I'm sure we will see more of them soon.

Will Selena gomez go on tour?

She did went in a tour .Watch "Selena Gomez Girl Meets World" to See what she did in her tour.