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yes she does she has six children .

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Q: Does Roxy petrucci have children
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What is the birth name of Roxy Petrucci?

Roxy Petrucci's birth name is Roxy Dora Petrucci.

Are John Petrucci and Roxy Petrucci related?

No they are not.

When was Roxy Petrucci born?

Roxy Petrucci was born on March 17, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

What is the birth name of Virginia Petrucci?

Virginia Petrucci's birth name is Virginia Holmes Petrucci.

Does Roxy mitchell in eastenders have children?

The character Roxy has a daughter called Amy. Rita Simons who plays Roxy has twin daughters called Jaimee and Maiya.

Who has the most children Stacy or Roxy or zainab or janine in eastenders?

Zainab, who has 4 children. Stacy is pregnant with her first child (April 2010) Roxy has one daughter. Janine has no children.

When did Raffaello Petrucci die?

Raffaello Petrucci died in 1522.

When was Raffaello Petrucci born?

Raffaello Petrucci was born in 1472.

When was Gianni Petrucci born?

Gianni Petrucci was born in 1945.

When did Pandolfo Petrucci die?

Pandolfo Petrucci died in 1512.

When was Pandolfo Petrucci born?

Pandolfo Petrucci was born in 1452.

When was Cinzia Petrucci born?

Cinzia Petrucci was born in 1955.