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Q: Does Richard wisker have a baby?
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Is Richard Wisker gay?

No, Richard Wisker is straight.

Is Richard wisker from London?

Richard Wisker is from Essex but lives in london

What is Richard Wisker's birthday?

Richard Wisker was born on February 1, 1995.

Who plays Liam in Tracy beaker?

his name is Richard wisker

Which episode of the Sarah Jane adventures was Richard wisker in?

Richard Wisker is in 'Lost in Time'.

How old is Richard wisker 2011?

Richard Wisker is 17. He was born on 1st February 1995

How many brothers and sisters has Richard wisker got?

How many brothers and sisters have Richard Wisker have

Is Richard wisker engaged?

Richard Wisker proposed to a girl named Rhiannon. They are getting married in November.

Is Richard wisker wisker married?

no he is not married because he is only 16

Does Richard wisker have Skype?


Were abouts in Essex does Richard wisker live?

Richard wisker lives in ilford and he goes to wanstead high school :)

Where is Richard wiskers home?

Richard wisker is from Essex