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She does!!

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Q: Does Renesmee have bangs when she is ten?
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What makeup does renesmee wear?

Renesmee doesn't wear that much makeup, but her favorite brands are: Dior, and Ten Beauty.

Is Renesmee Supposed to have bangs in breaking dawn?

no i dont think so ive read all the books do you mean fangs? I think all children have bangs at some point so i guess you could say so.


curtain bangs

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Isn't it kind of gross that in breaking dawn the movie Jacob will be imprinting on the ten year old Renesmee?

Yes, yes it is. If he's gonna marry Renesmee one day, it's gonna mean he kissed his mother-in-law. Ew.

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What is the real name of renesmee's lullaby?

Renesmee's lullaby

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