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Randy Orton only hears voices in WWE when he goes to that place in his head and then does an RKO!

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Q: Does Randy Orton really hear voices?
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What is randy ortons ring tune?

randy orton's ring tune is : voices or I hear voices

Does Randy Orton hear voices?

Randy Orton the person dose not hear voices. But the charter he plays in wrestling is a evil man who only gold is to be the world champ mite do.

Title of music enrance of Randy Orton?

i hear voices by rev theory

Who sing randy orton's song I hear voices in my head?

no that is just part of his character

What is the name of the song by rev theory that is played when randy enters the ring?

The Song That Rev Theory Singwhen Randy Orton is coming down the Ramp is "I Hear Voices"

What is Randy Orton's new theme music used May 12th 2008?

it's called i hear voices by rev theory

What is the name of the new Randy Orton entrance music It is new as of May 12 08. Who is the performer?

I think the song name is Voices or I hear voices. You can check it out on youtube. YOU have to type orton's new theme song. And it says the guy who sang it, i think it is Rev Theroy or something!!! The song is I hear voices by Rev Theory.

Who sings the voices Randy Orton' s theme song?

His first theme song was : Mercy Drive -Burn in my light. And his actual is : Rev Theory-Voices

What band sings the song i hear voices in my head?

It's Randy Orton's theme song and it's performed by Rev Theory.

Where can you go to hear Randy Orton's new theme?

you can listen to it on bluetube

Where can I hear Randy Orton's full theme song?

=On U tube=

Is randy orton dead or alive?

he's alive, where did you hear he was dead?