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are they brothers mindless behavior

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Q: Does Princeton of Mindless Behavior speak french?
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What languages does Princeton from Mindless Behavior speak?

Princeton speaks English and Spanish.

Does princeton from mindless behavior speak spanish?

YES his fine behind is just like me

Does roc royal from mindless behavior speak spanish?


Does rayray from mindless behavior speak a language?

Yes English he's completely black

Does Mindless Behavior have crushes on anyone?

They never speak about their crushes in real life, but they do have celebrity crushes: Roc Royal = Paige Hurd Prodigy = Keke Palmer Princeton = Amber Rose (His changes about every week tho) Ray Ray = Nicki Minaj

What type of behavior can the ability to speak French be best classified as?

Learned behavior.

Do Princeton speak Spanish?

Yes he does his mom is Mexican

How to say speak french?

Speak french

How do you say to speak in French?

Speak ( in English) - parler( In French )

What languges do people speak in Paris?

french people speak french but they don't only have to speak french.

Why does camroonians speak french?

yes they do speak french.

Does Geneva speak French?

Yes, they speak French.