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Yes Peyton R List is A 2011 Justice model. She will be starring in a new Disney channel show this fall along side Debby Ryan and one of her Diary Of A Wimpy kid costars, the kid who plays Chirag, don't know what his real name is lolz . The show is called Jessie. Hope this helps :)

Hi it's MaddyMay! I'm just saying the kid who plays Chirag his name is Karan Barr. Hope it helped!!

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Yes, Peyton List does model for justice magazine and Ravi from Jessie is Charging from diary of a wimpy kid

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Q: Does Peyton List model for justice?
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Is Peyton R List on the justice size chart?

yes, she's a model and actress

How can you be a shop justice model?

go to the store and ask,"can I be a justice model in the shop justice catalog?" there are a lot of of them. the justice models are peyton roi list, ava allan, bella thorne and more, but they change. watch the videos now!

How was Peyton roi list discovered?

Peyton Roi List was born in Florida. She wanted to be an actress and a model, so she moved to New York City when she was 4. She was in many commercials and then she was discovered by many other people. She was also a model for Justice magazine.

How did Peyton list become famous?

She was in some justice magazines and she was on diary of a wimpy Kid she played holly

What are the names of the 2011 justice models?

One of them is Peyton Roi List.

When is Peyton List's birthday?

Peyton List, American actress and model, was born on August 8, 1986 in Florida.

What is Peyton List favorite color?

American actress and model Peyton List's favorite color is purple.

What is emmas real name out of Jessie?

Emma's real name is Peyton Roi List.

Who Are The Models For Justice 2012?

well I only know two people who are models they are: Peyton list and Ava Allan

When does Peyton LIST birthday?

Peyton List's birthday is on April 6.

What is Peyton List's middle name?

Peyton List's middle name is Roi.

What is Peyton List's birthday?

Peyton List was born on August 8, 1986.