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No. Peeta does not die in any of The Hunger Games books.

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2012-12-23 20:15:35
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Q: Does Peeta die in any of The Hunger Games books?
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Does Peeta Mellark die in second hunger games book?

No, Peeta doesn't die in any of the books.

Does Katniss have a baby in one of The Hunger Games books?

Yes, in the epilogue of the final book Mockingjay. Peeta and Katniss have two children.

What is Peeta's strategy in the Hunger Games?

Peeta's strategy was to help Katniss in any way possible.

Will any other hunger game books be made after the 3rd one?

No, sadly, there will be no more books in the hunger games series. :(

Do Katniss and Peeta get married in any of the hunger games movies?

say what now? the movies aren't done being made so how is anyone to know? If you want to know what happens read the books.

Is Peeta Mellark ever mad at Katniss in any of The Hunger Games books?

In the third book, Mockingjay, he goes physco and tries to kill Katniss because the Capitol dosed him with tracker jacker venom.

Are there elephants in the Hunger Games?

No, at least in the first two books there arent any.

Is there any romance in The Hunger Games?

Definitely. Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen have to act in love while their participating in the Games. They kiss and hug and snuggle like couples do, but Katniss doesn't mean it while Peeta does.

Does Primrose Everdeen die in any of The Hunger Games books?

Yes, at the book Mockingjay!

Where can you buy the Hunger Games things?

ebay, amazon, and the books in any local bookstore

What religon is in the hunger games book?

The books never really mention any religion.

What are some examples of personification in the Hunger Games with page numbers with the page numbers?

sorry, there arent any; The Hunger Games books are like real life.

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