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Paul Newman was a great actor; between 1955 in The Silver Chalice through 2007 as the narrator of The Price of Sugar he played in over 60 movies; produced, directed, and even did the screen play for Harry and Son (1984); was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and received three Oscars.

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Yes, four daughters. He also had a son who died of a drug overdose.

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Actress Joanne Woodward.

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Q: Does Paul Newman have children
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When was Paul Newman - linguist - born?

Paul Newman - linguist - was born in 1937.

Who is the doc Hudson character in the movie cars based on?

The Doc Hudson car , voiced by the late Paul Newman , is based upon the 'Hudson Hornet' car .

What religion was actor Paul Newman?

Paul Newman's father was Jewish and Paul Newman's mother was born a Catholic and later became a Christian Scientist. Paul Newman himself described himself as "Jewish" as an adult, although it appears that he was not religious.

Paul newman founded what company?

Newman's Own

When was Paul Newman - politician - born?

Paul Newman - politician - was born on 1954-02-08.

When was Paul S. Newman born?

Paul S. Newman was born on 1924-04-29.

Is Nascar driver Ryan Newman the grandson of actor Paul Newman?

No, Ryan and Paul are not related.

What actors and actresses appeared in Paul Newman Meets Doctor Comfort - 2008?

The cast of Paul Newman Meets Doctor Comfort - 2008 includes: Jeremy Davies as Paul Newman

Does Paul Newman Have a glass eye?

No he did not have a glass eye but he was color blind.

When did Paul Newman die?

Paul Newman Was born January 26,1925 and died on September 26,2008.

Did Paul Newman act in To Kill a Mockingbird?

No, Paul Newman did not act in the film "To Kill a Mockingbird." The lead role of Atticus Finch was portrayed by Gregory Peck.

Who did Paul newman lose the Oscar to?

1958 David Niven, Separate Tables (Paul Newman, Cat on a Hat Tin Roof) 1961 Maximillian Schell, Judgment at Nurenberg (Paul Newman, The Hustler) 1963 Sidney Poitier, Lilies of the Field (Paul Newman, Hud) 1967 Rod Steiger, In the Heat of the Night (Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke) 1981 Henry Fonda, On Golden Pond (Paul Newman, Absence of Malice) 1982 Ben Kingsley, Gandhi (Paul Newman, The Verdict) 1986 *Finally won, for The Color of Money 1994 Tom Hanks, Forest Gump (Paul Newman, Nobody's Fool) 2002 Best Supporting Actor- Chris Cooper, Adaptation. (Paul Newman, Road to Perdition)