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no i dont think he does..... he looks quite tall

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Q: Does Noah marullo have a girlfriend?
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When was Noah Marullo born?

Noah Marullo was born on 1999-06-23.

How old is Noah Marullo?

UK actor Noah Marullo is 18 years old (birthdate June 23, 1999).

Does noah marullo really have asperger syndrome?

No :)

Who acts Gus in Tracy beaker returns?

Noah marullo :)

Who played gus of Tracy beaker returns?

Noah Marullo :)

What is the real name of guss in Tracy beaker returns?

Noah Marullo

What gus charmichael from Tracy beaker retuns real name?

Noah Marullo

What is the birth name of Glen Marullo?

Glen Marullo's birth name is Glen Marullo.

When did Giuseppe Marullo die?

Giuseppe Marullo died in 1585.

Does Noah have a girlfriend?

yes he does and she is beautiful

Does noah ringer have a girlfriend?


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