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He might and he might not. We will never know unless you know him.

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Q: Does Nathan Kress wear underwear
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Does Nathan kress wear blue or red underwear normally?

What a silly question!!

What kind of underwear does Nathan kress wear?

oh yeah of course he does what do u think why do you want to know

Does Nathan Kress wear boxers?

yes i do

Does Nathan Kress wear a purity ring?

Yes, He does

Does Nathan kress wear a watch?

I'm sure he does.

What is Nathan kress's real name?

Nathan Kress is Nathan Kress's real name!

What is freddies real name from iCarly?

Nathan Kress

Who does Nathan Kress date?

Nathan Kress is 18

Is Nathan Kress black?

No, Nathan Kress is white.

Who is Nathan kress icarly married to?

Nathan Kress is not married.

What is Nathan kress real name?

Nathan Karl Kress is Nathan's real name

What is freddies real names off Icarly?

Freddie Benson is played by the actor Nathan Kress.