Does Naruto know who his parents are?

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no he doesn't.

-not until shippuden. minato (the 4th hokage) tells naruto when naruto is about to let the nine tailed fox go

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Q: Does Naruto know who his parents are?
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What episode does Naruto find out who his parents are?

In the Anime Naruto does not know his parents are yet, Naruto finds out his dad is the 4th hokage in chapter 440 of the manga and his mother is kushina in chapter 498, in the anime naruto still does not know

Does Naruto know who his parents are in Shippuden?

In episode 167 he meets only his father in naruto shippuden.

Does Naruto's father die?

he died after sealing the nine-tailed fox into naruto. naruto didn't know either of his parents.

Does anyone else in konoha know naruto's parents?

Kakashi and the third hokage know. and later in naruto shippuden other people find out

Who's Naruto parents?

Naruto's parents are Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Kushina

Does Rock Lee have parents?

We don't know yet. The maker of "Naruto" has not shown them yet.

How does Itachi know the true identities of naruto's parents?

Itatchi was older than Naruto's generation. He would have been old enough to remember when Naruto was born, and who his parents were. All of the elders in the leaf village knew. They just thought it best not to discuss it.

Is there any naruto communities about naruto being neglected by his parents in fanfiction?

No communities as far as I know but you can type in google, "Naruto neglected fanfiction". That should come up with many results.

Does Naruto ever find the identity of his parents?

naruto's dad is the 4th hokage!!! it tells you in the manga!!! but i dont know what his mum is called kushina uzumaki

Naruto is dead right well wrong he is alive and you know he killed itachi parents?

wft? Naruto didn't kill itachi's parents. itachi killed the clan. u dodo brain. look it up

What are the names of sasori akasuna 's parents in naruto?

In Naruto, he doesn't have parents. they died the first episode!

Are naruto's parents bad?


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