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Plz u guys, stop asking me, 18 peepl asked!! Stop ok! U read this now stop! This gave u a bunch of awnsers now stop!!! Thank-you. If u do send me something related to this, I'm going to ignore u!

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Yes, Ro-Man..he was her real life horse that died in 2009..the episode of Hannah Montana Forever,where Blue Jeans gets hurt,was dedicated to her real life horse.

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Q: Does Miley Cyrus have a horse in real life?
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Does Hannah Montana in the real is Miley Cyrus?

yes Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus in real life :)

What is Hanna montana's real name?

On the show miley is miley Stewart but in real life her name is Miley Cyrus. she is my fan

What was miley cyrus's real horses name in real life?

Miley Cyrus' horse's name is Roam-Man. He recently passed away and the new ''Hannah Montana: Forever" 'Love That Lets Go' was dedicated to him. ): So sad! ):

Is rico Miley Cyrus brother?

No. Its just Miley Stewart's friend in Hannah Montana; Rico. But in real life, Miley Cyrus' knows Moises Arias(Rico in real life).

Who supervises Miley Cyrus?

The Miley Cyrus topic on WikiAnswers is currently supervised by Singingangel93 In real life Miley Cyrus is supervised or 'managed' by her mother.

Who the actress of Miley Cyrus?

no one, Miley Cyrus is the real miley Cyrus. She is also Disney's Hannah Montana (a double life pop star).

Is oliver miley cyrus' brother in real life?


Miley Ray Cyrus brothers name in real life?

Trace Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus real?

Yes, Miley Cyrus is real.

Who is Beth Britt dating in real life?

miley cyrus

What is Hannah Montana's real-life name?

Miley Cyrus.

Where is miley's mother?

In real life she lives with her. Tish Cyrus.