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yes as a matter of fact i saw in a magazine her kissing a humongous (fat) guy and she was ba ba ba ba ba she was lovin it!

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Q: Does Miley Cyrus date fat guys?
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How does Miley Cyrus keep fit?

Miley has a personal trainer like most actresses. She also keeps fit in another way like most teen girls: she exercises regularly, as should everyone else who wants to be fit. I hope that this tells you how Miley Cyrus keeps fit. I am a HUGE Miley fan, so I know a a lot about her. She rocks! Miley Cyrus is not fit she is FAT!! and she will always be!!

What Miley is happy with her height and weight?

OMG how dare you I love Miley Cyrus she is the perfect weight and height not to fat or skinny not to small and not to tall! She is happy with it and respect her for that! Love you Miley xxxxxxxxx

Is Miley Cyrus getting fat?

seems better how fat she is she ganed 200 pounds but she made the camra people put a different body on her for the show

How is Miley Cyrus so skinny?

No. She is not too skinny or too fat. Miley is definitely skinny compared to the average American girl. There's no need to call her fat just because he's at a healthier weight than other sickly thin starlets. OMG Miley Cyrus is such a good talent nd shez juz the rite weight not to fat or nore skinny! whueva thinkz shezz fat is wrong!! GO MILEY!! Miley isn't stick skinny, but she is thin. She's at a great weight for her height.

What is Miley Cyrus's diet and workout?

Miley Cyrus's dietitian had an article in Seventeen several months ago. It had her diet and exercise diet plan.Six days a week, she eats five meals a day, each with a mix of five key food types. Then on the seventh day, she can eat whatever she wants!Key Foods:Low fat protein: chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, or egg whites.Fiber: go for colorful fruits and veggies, such as plums and peas.Healthy fats: find it in extra virgin olive oil and salmon.Sugar free drinks: choose water, tea, coffee, or sugar free sodas.Menu:Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites with nonfat cheese provide protein. Grapefruit gives you carbs, and the whole wheat toast is a great source of fiber!Mid morning Snack: Strawberries and peaches with one cup of nonfat cottage cheese In place of cottage cheese, you can try nonfat yogurt.Lunch: Enjoy a wrap filled with skinless turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and fat free mayo. The protein in the turkey helps build muscle.Afternoon snack: Dip two pears (cut into wedges) into two teaspoons of peanut butter. The combo will keep you feeling full until dinner!Dinner: You won't need to snack after having a whole grain tortilla stuffed with cheese and skinless chicken, corn, nonfat sour cream, and spicy salsa!EXERCISE:lunges, crunches, situps, and use weights to tone your arms. Try to do 50 lunges on each leg, 50 crunches, and 50 situps a day. Also, try to run a mile 3 times a week Also, don't expect anything but soreness the morning after. You wont wake up with her body just because you followed her routine for one day.

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Why is Miley Cyrus fat?

Excuse me.. Miley Cyrus is not fat! She is very healthy!

Is miley cyruss FAT?

Yes, i think that Miley Cyrus is getting fat.

What is Miley Cyrus leg fat?

She's not fat

Is miley cryus hot?

No, she is not hot. Most guys think she is fat and ugly. out of 10 guys only 1 thought she was hot.But he had a bigger crush on Selena Gomez. All the guys at my school think Selena Gomez is hotter than Miley Cyrus.

Is Miley Cyrus fat or thin?

it depends how u think of fat or thin.

Are there fat people on disneychannel?

of corse!! have you seen miley cyrus???

Is Miley Cyrus prengnant?

she is not she is my friend and she is just hiding that she is really just fat

Will Miley Cyrus become fat?

If there's any justice for her music, yes.

Is Miley Cyrus skinney?

she's not fat or skinny just a average size

Does Miley Cyrus have fat?

I would say no, she works out at the gym all the time.

What age was Miley Cyrus fat?

Well no one cares if she is fat or not.she is beatufull the way she is have you got a problem with that

Was Miley Cyrus always fat?

She is everywhere except goind to places like stores and the mall