Does Marshall Lee like Fiona

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In a lot and I mean A LOT of people's

Minds fiolee is real so Is finceline but fionna (that's how you really spell her name) and marshll lee are just good friends

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Marshall Lee really does love love Fiona but he does not want her and Marshall together becouse Friend is a great thing for Marshall Lee to do...

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Q: Does Marshall Lee like Fiona
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Does Fiona from adventure time love Marshall lee?

No, but he loves her

How tall is Aaron Lee Marshall?

Aaron Lee Marshall is 6'.

How do you get Fiona costume on poptropica?

Unfourtanly Feb 2013 Had a limited time Adventure Time Ad thing. Which could allow players to either be Marshall Lee or Fionna. Not any more.

When was Lee Marshall - footballer - born?

Lee Marshall - footballer - was born in 1979.

Do marshall lee and fionna kiss?

yes they do kiss marshall lee and fionna are in love!

Is marshall lee Asian?

well if it's on the basis of his surname being "Lee" it is possible; although Lee is also a popular southern surname like Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

What is the birth name of Tonie Marshall?

Tonie Marshall's birth name is Anthony-Lee Caroline Julie Marshall.

Who is Marshall Lee from Adventure Time?

fionna's boyfreind

Does Marshall Lee from Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake die?

Marshall Lee is not dead. However, in the episode Bad Little Boy, Marshall fakes his own death, pretending a stake has pierced his chest on the mausoleum.

Does max like Fiona in dino squad?

he does like Fiona but doesnt show his feeling toward her

What is the birth name of Lee Armstrong Jr?

Lee Armstrong Jr's birth name is Lee Marshall Armstrong, Jr.

What does Dr Fiona Wood look like?

Dr Fiona Wood looks like a old lady!!