Does Lorenzo Becker use steriods

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does Lorenzo Becker use steriods
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Which steroids did lorenzo becker use?

Yes. It is almost certain that lorenzo is a steroid user because there is absolutely no way to pack on that sort of mass in only two or three years without steroids.

Is Lorenzo Becker dead?

His near friend says this is fake. He is alive.

How many Olympians used steriods?

How many players or athletes use steriods. How many players or athletes use steriods.

Are anabolic supplements steroids?

yes steriods are called anabolic steriods but they usually just use the name steriods

Do WWE superstars use steriods?


Did clemens use steriods?


Why do people use steriods?

to enhance performance

How do you get muscles like chris masters?

use steriods

Which sport use the most steriods?

mostly wrestling

How can steriods effect children in a good way?

can steriods kill children can steriods kill children

How many people use steriods a year in 2007?

Alot of people die

How the body of a wrestler is huge?

Steriods my friend, it's what wrestlers use to get big