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Q: Does Lincoln burrows get exonerated in prison break?
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Who acted as Lincoln Burrows in the TV Drama Prison Break?

Dominic Purcell plays Lincoln Burroes

Who is micheals brother on prison break?

his brothers name is Lincoln burrows played by Dominic purcell

In 2005 Dominic Purcell was cast as which character in the Fox drama Prison Break?

Lincoln Burrows

How old was Lincoln Burrows supposed to be in the TV show Prison Break?

He was 3 or 4 years older than Michael Scofield.

Why was Lincoln BurrowsPrison Break framed?

The character of Lincoln Burrows, from the television show Prison Break, was framed because The Company wanted to draw out Lincoln's father. The man he was accused of murdering was not even killed he faked his own murder.

What happens to bill kim in prison break?

Bill Kim gets shot by Sara Tancredi in Panama after Sara tells Michael and Lincoln that Lincoln gets exonerated. Although, the police come and Michael takes blame for the murder of Kim and he goes to Sona, a prison.

What tv show's first season involved structural engineer Michael scofield trying to break his brother Lincoln burrows out of fox river state penitentiary?

Prison Break

Who was Michael's brother on Prison Break?

Michael Scofield's brother was Lincoln Burrows. His prison nickname was Linc The Sink; he was on death row and had nothing left to lose; if you messed with him he'd come at you with everything he had.

Why does Lincoln Burrows say Michael Scofield was born in 1976 when the final episode of Prison Break has his tombstone say he was born in 1974?

Lincoln Burrows stated that the picture of Christina Scofield and Michael as an infant in front of a car was falsified because the automobile in the photo was manufactured in 1976 but Michael was an infant in 1974.

On Prison Break who is the brother of Lincoln?


What is the TV show Prison Planet about?

Prison Break revolves around the story of Michael Scofield, a structural engineer, who gets arrested to break his brother, Lincoln Burrows, out of Fox River Pen. Lincoln Burrows is on death row for assassinating the Vice President's brother. When Lincoln's incarceration turns out to be a government conspiracy, the brothers become at war, not only with the public who are trying to recapture them, but with the people who are trying to bury them. And it is also the best show ever

On Prison Break why does Burrows and Schofield have different surnames when they are brothers?

They tell you in the show. They aren't really brother.