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Q: Does Lil Wayne sing that weo o we o?
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Is lil Wayne luminadi?


Have lil Wayne being to prison before?

Yes. o:

What is Lil Wayne's mama's name?

lil Wayne's mama nane is Seatha if u listen he mentions her in alot of his songs o yeah that's my man to so i would know

What is the Lil Wayne song that says you smoke an o a day?

Demolition freestyle part 2

Are Jay-Z and Lil Wayne brothers?

Of course cuz jayz is from bed stuyve and Wayne is from new Orleans so their totally brohters.

What song has wee wee wee?

Primarily, it is "We are, we are..." And secondly, the song is called "Youth of the Nation." "We are, we are.... the 'Youth of the Nation.' We are, we are, [weee arrre] the 'Youth of the Nation.'"

Did lil Wayne box drake?

- * l m a o that's way II heard and if he did s.m.h aha lemme find out Drake qot boxed by my man wheezy !! .

What song goes weee o weeeweeeeee newer song i know i couldn't be more vague but its a great song and i got nothin its not rap?

Uhm, Lil Wayne "Mrs. Officer"

What has the author Jane O Wayne written?

Jane O. Wayne has written: 'A strange heart'

What are the ratings and certificates for Lil o' London - 1914?

Lil o' London - 1914 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What are the release dates for For the Love o' Lil - 1930?

For the Love o' Lil - 1930 was released on: USA: 29 August 1930

Has Lil Wayne been to jail?

Lil Wayne went to jail because he had a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007 and he did not have a license for the gun. Another answer: On March 8, 2010, Lil Wayne was sentenced to one year in jail for criminal possession of a weapon. He is currently serving his time in Rikers Island.