Does Lightning love Sally

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes mqueen loves sally because when lightning and sally came back when they had a drive lighting looked at sally when she was going back to the cozy cone OH WAIT I FORGOT sally likes lightning too cause she got on lightning s cheek when they were celebrating

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Q: Does Lightning love Sally
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Who does Sally voice in Lightning McQueen?

The name of the film is Cars, Lightning Mcqueen is a character in the film, Lightning and Sally are in a relationship, and Sally is voiced by Bonnie Hunt.

What place was sally Jackson vaporized in the Lightning Thief?

Sally Jackson was vaporized in the St. Louis Gateway Arch in "The Lightning Thief."

What is Lightning McQueen's favorite food?

Sally's exhaust.

Is Sally Carrera Lightning McQueen's girlfriend?

yes she is

What inspired sally gardener to write the boy with the lightning feet?

Sally Gardner was inspired to write The Boy With the Lightning Feet by watching her son play football very well.

Do lightning and sally kiss in cars 2?

No sorry they don't

Will Lightning Mcqueen and sally ever get married?

yes of course he will

Who plays the mom in The Lightning Thief?

Catherine Keener as Sally Jackson .

Who is playing sally Jackson in The Lightning Thief movie?

Catherine Keener

Who is a candy seller in The Lightning Thief?

Percy's mom- Sally Jackson

Does Sally Acorn love Silver?

Sally doesn't love Silver, she loves Sonic.

When was Lightning Love created?

Lightning Love was created on 1923-10-23.