Does Levon Helm have a son?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Yes Levon Helm is still alive and plays regularly at his home in Woodstock.

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He has a stepson, the late Ezra Titus.

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Q: Does Levon Helm have a son?
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When was Levon Helm born?

Levon Helm's birth name is Mark Lavon Helm.

How tall is Levon Helm?

Levon Helm is 5' 8".

What is Levon Helm's birthday?

Levon Helm was born on May 26, 1940.

What band was Levon Helm a member of?

Levon Helm was the drummer and a vocalist in the group The Band.

Who did Levon Hulm sing for?

Levon HELM was a member of The BAND

Was that Levon Helm in the movie The Shooter with Mark Walberg?

Yes. Mr Rate was played by Levon Helm who is recovering from cancer.

Did levon helm appear in cold mountain?


Who sang the lead in Ophelia for the Band?

Levon Helm

What is the value of a Levon Helm autographed poster?


Who is the member of The Band from Marvel Arkansas?

Levon Helm

What actors and actresses appeared in Only Halfway Home - 2008?

The cast of Only Halfway Home - 2008 includes: Levon Helm as Helm - Levon Danny Vinson

What is the actors name who played the gunsmith in the shooter?

Levon Helm