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Yes Leroy Butler has three Butlers -2 older (Doug, Michael) and one younger brother (Darion Butler Sr)

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Q: Does Leroy butler have any brothers?
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When was LeRoy Butler born?

LeRoy Butler was born on 1968-07-19.

What position did LeRoy Butler play on the Green Bay Packers?

LeRoy Butler played strong safety for the Packers between 1990-2001.

Who was the first person to do the Lambeau Leap?

Leroy Butler was the first one to ever Lambeau Leap, so in that respect, he created it, and made it famous. The play which started it was beauttttiful too. I suggest you youtube it. Nobody proclaimed this the Lambeau Leap at the time. In 1995 Robert Brooks perfected it as he scored 14 TDs that year and used to fly into the stands after each one. He then gave credit to Leroy as the first to do it when asked why he does it. If not for Brooks it never would have caught on.

Who was the last to perform the lambeau leap?

LeRoy Butler

Who did first Lambeau leap?

leroy butler 1933

Who was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2007?

LeRoy Butler

When was Butler Brothers Company - building - created?

Butler Brothers Company - building - was created in 1906.

Does Ryan Butler have any siblings?

Yes He Does 2 Brothers, I Am Unsure Of Their Names Though

Which football players have cut a flip landed back on their feet and continued on for a touchdown?

Leroy Butler

What has the author LeRoy Karshaw Henry written?

LeRoy Karshaw Henry has written: 'An annotated list of the vascular flora of Butler County, Pennsylvania' -- subject(s): Botany

How many brothers and sisters does Ryan Butler Have?

He has two brothers

Are Austin Butler and Ryan Butler brothers?

I don't know who Ryan is, but Austin has no brothers, only one sister.Ryan Butler is Justin Bieber's friend from Canada.