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Q: Does Leo Howard from Kickin It cuss and or use bad language?
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Does Leo Howard from Kickin It use bad language?

Yes he does because I found out one of his email address's is f... yes Leo Howard.

How tall is Leo howard in kickin it?


Leo howard shows?

Conan and Kickin' it.

What is jack's last name from kickin' it?

Leo Howard

How is jack from kickin it in real life?

he is Leo Howard

When is Leo howard from kickin' it birthday?

July 13

Is Leo Howard from Kickin It afraid of clowns?

It is not known if Leo Howard, of "Kickin It" is afraid of clowns. It is known, however, tht the character he plays, Jack Brewer, is afraid of clowns.

Who is Leo Howard favorite singer?

Eddie Van Halen is Kickin' It's Leo Howard's favorite singer.

Who did Leo howard play in Disney xd's kickin it?

He played Jack.

Does nat wolf play Leo little?

No Leo Howard from Kickin' It plays Leo Little. Yes, I know they may look alike, but Leo Howard plays Leo Little

What is jack from kickin' it's last name?

He is a super hot skater who is amazing at karate. He is played by the beautiful Leo Howard.

Does Leo Howard cuss?

Most people do swear. Leo might cuss and sometimes but I really don't know. He might and he might not it depends.